Wally’s Birth Story and How We Are Adjusting


Baby Wally has arrived! He was born at 5:22pm on March 28th.

I forgot how precious newborns are. They are truly the sweetest, most innocent things in the universe. The facial expressions they make when they sleep, the way they scrunch their little nose and rock their head back and forth when they are hungry. Their tiny ears, nose and fingers. Their sweet whimpers and constant stretching and yawning. Is there anything in this world more beautiful than a new born baby? I don’t think there is.

The Prequel:

I was scheduled for an induction on March 28th. I was told to call the hospital at 5am so they could tell me when to come in based on how busy it was at the time. When I called they said they’d have to get back to me and to call the hospital again if they didn’t contact me by 9am.

Meanwhile, I was pacing around my house, anxious, grumpy (I didn’t sleep at all the night before), scared and impatient. Of course, they never got back to me so I had to call them. At that point they still didn’t know what time they wanted me to come in. They said they were aiming for noon and that they’d call back by 11.

At this point I was extremely frustrated and feeling a lot of anxiety about childbirth. My entire life was about to change drastically in only 1 day. I thought I would handle it a lot better but I was not handling it at all. I had a little meltdown and told my husband I needed to be alone for awhile, so left, parked my car in a Starbucks parking lot and tried to relax.

11am rolled around and I hadn’t heard from the hospital so I gave them a ring and they finally said to come in at 12.

After the phone call, I hurried home to say goodbye to Russell before we left him with friends for the next day or so. Corde and I threw our things in the car and were on our way.

Wally’s Birth Story:

By about 12:50pm, I was settled into my hospital bed and my OBGYN stopped by my room to break my water (weirdest feeling ever). At that point I didn’t have any contractions. I told my nurse I wanted my epidural before they started the Pitocin drip because when I was induced with Russ, my contractions quickly went from 0 to 100. It was excruciatingly painful. I didn’t want to deal with that again unless I absolutely had to.

Shortly after, the a man came into the room to give me my epidural and reminded me that I’m a total wimp. Knowing he was putting a giant needle into my back made me feel queasy, but we made it through and I was happily numb from the waste down.

I got super nauseous from the epidural medicine and they had to give me medicine for that. I’m so thankful for modern medicine.

Slowly but surely, I began to dilate. (I started at a 2) Corde turned on a show that made me laugh every 2 seconds and the machine that was monitoring my contractions had a difficult time reading mine due to constant, uncontrollable laughter. I felt like Wally was going to pop out every time I giggled, but I couldn’t stop.

I could feel pressure increasing and contractions getting stronger. With every contraction I could feel Wallace push his feet against my intestines and it hurt bad.

By 4:15, I was dilated to a 6. At that point the nurse gave me what is called a “peanut ball” and I turned on my side and put the ball between my legs. It’s helps to open up your cervix and dilate quicker. She was going to come check on me after an hour, but after about 25 minutes I turned to Corde and told him that I could feel my baby’s head pushing out of me. I could feel that I was completely dilated. We called in the nurse because my epidural medicine was almost empty anyways. When the nurse came into my room, I told her to check me and I was dilated to a 10, so she quickly called my OBGYN and got my room ready for delivery.

By 5:15pm it was time to push and after just a few pushes, Wallace Roy was born. He weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches long. It was a beautiful moment for Corde and I. I wasn’t in such an anxious fog as I was with my first, so I had the opportunity to clearly take in what was happening around me.

Side note: (Also, TMI)

My OBGYN assured me that subsequent pregnancies are almost always easier than the first and boy was he right about that one. With Russell I had some bad tearing that made recovery a total nightmare. I couldn’t walk and even sitting was uncomfortable. For months after Russ was born I was feeling the effects of what the tear did to my body. This time around I didn’t need even a stitch and I have been on my feet nonstop. Physically I feel amazing in comparison to my prior birth experience. Aside from soreness and normal cramping, my body feels like it normally would.



The Aftermath:

I felt pretty great leaving the hospital. I was excited to get home and snuggle my boys. When we arrived, my mother-in-law was there with our Russell. My brother and sister-in-law were also there. I was looking forward to seeing them and celebrating the new addition to our family.

Something about coming home to guests and noise was extremely overwhelming for me. I was much more emotional than I realized. When I arrived home, the change hit me hard. I ended up sneaking away to my bedroom and just crying for a short while because I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel. There were so many feelings pulsing through my body. A lot of my thoughts were focused on Russell and I missed him. I missed the way things were. I was afraid that he was going to think I didn’t love him anymore. I just wanted to sit in a quiet place and hold him. I was tired and stressed about the struggle that breastfeeding has been this time. I was afraid of the many things that can go wrong with a newborn. Every bad scenario was streaming through my mind.

I did not expect to feel these feelings. It’s been hard for me to accept that I have to give my attention to two little humans instead of one. If I am giving attention to Wallace, I feel like I am depriving Russ, and vise versa. It’s weird. It’s emotional. I just love them both so deeply and want them to know that I love them equally.

We’ve been settling in to our new life for a few days now. Russell has a nasty cold and I am trying to relax and pray that Wally doesn’t get it. Wally and I are working out a feeding routine, I’m getting some sleep, and we are doing the very best we can. I’m still an emotional wreck, probably a pain to be around, but I’m truly doing the best I can. This adjustment has been hard for all  of us, but I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. I’m feeling blessed to be a mother of two healthy little boys.

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  1. Loved reading this! So glad your recovery is going better this time around, and little Russell will never doubt your love especially in the midst of all the activity with visitors and family! Beautiful family. And that robe!! ❤️

    1. I feel terrible for just seeing this comment. I don’t know how that happened, but thank you for your kind words! I appreciate them so much!

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