Just a Short Little Update

Hey friends, I was M.I.A for a while because as you already know, I had a baby and moved my life over to Washington state. I can’t count the number of times that I sat down to attempt to write this post, only to be distracted by a child who needed me and a million other things that couldn’t wait to be done. Moving has been a lot more of a whirlwind than I originally anticipated. The anxieties of it all turned my brain into mush and my inspiration to write went down the drain. I’ve been in a fog but I think I’m starting to work my way out of it…sort of.

Our family of four moved to my hometown, Yakima Washington, this past week. Corde graduated from USU, so we darted out of Logan, Utah as fast as we could. I remember leaving Yakima 5 years ago and truly believing I’d never come back to live. Yet, here I am, living in my parents basement with my little family. It’s not my first choice but I am thankful for the help I’m getting here. Corde and I have plans to stay here for no longer than a year and save up enough money so we can buy our own home elsewhere. I don’t THINK we will stay in Yakima for very long but I’m not sure of anything in my life right now.

We are working on getting settled into our new, temporary home. It’s difficult to unpack when you’ve got a newborn and toddler. My hands are full- Literally, both of my kids seem to think they need to be in my arms ALL OF THE TIME. Russell hasn’t been doing so well with all of the changes in our life. I can’t imagine how confused he must be feeling when I, as an adult, am struggling with the changes too.

I love that we are around so much family here. Other than my parents, my brother and his family live here. Their daughter is the same age as Russell, so the two kids have been having a blast together. It has made my life a bit busier, which is a good thing in a lot of ways, but it also makes sitting down to write challenging.


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