Don’t Complain About Being Broke if You are Spending Money on These Things

My husband and I are at a weird place in our lives. The stress of adulthood is beginning to officially set in and we are absolutely broke. Not to mention we have two little boys that make funds tight. I thought we were broke two years ago but now we are REALLY broke. I spend a significant amount of time each day wondering what I could possibly do to pay off school loans, help with bills and save money, while still caring for my two little ones-plus continuing to breastfeed my baby who will not for the life of him take a bottle. Being a stay-at-home mom can make a wife feel powerless at times. I want so badly to help financially but I also feel strongly that I need to be home with my children. Would it even be worth it to pay for childcare when I would likely only be making minimum wage if I worked? After thoroughly pondering how I could positively impact family funds, I have realized that I’m not as powerless as I often feel.  I can be thrifty if I put my heart into it. I can learn to decipher between the things I truly “need” and the things I try to convince myself that I need.

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I’m not alone as I feel overwhelmed with how my husband and I will support the large family that we long for. We are young and still have a lot to figure out. Every person faces financial struggles at one point or another, right?

Society and social media has done an excellent job at convincing us of the things we supposedly “need” and man, am I tired of it. I’m tired of being broke. I’m tired to wasting money on things that I don’t need just to try to keep up with everyone around me.

I’m not claiming to be any sort of financial expert, but I have given my own decisions a lot of thought.

As time goes on, I am reminded again and again that money is a disappointment and true, lasting happiness comes from things that can’t be purchased.(I know, I know. I’m so cliche) Happiness comes from watching my children learn and grow, date nights with my husband and being with family. Continually making decisions to not spend my money on all of my wants has brought me contentment in my life.

Don't complain about being broke if you are spending money on these things

Below is a list of several things that I have learned to live without in order to save money and help our financial situation.

Gym memberships

Gyms are expensive! I believe that any gains made in the gym can be made at home with enough willpower. Invest in a cheap set of weights to keep for life, or learn how to complete workout that implement using your own body for resistance. Your health AND your bank account will reward you.

Unnecessary Pampering

Why get fake nails when you can paint your REAL ones from home, for free? Just saying. Also, getting our hair colored constantly is fun but probably not a smart financial decision for someone who is young and broke like me.


Some ladies might hate me for saying this. I could go on and on about my negative views on makeup.  I personally don’t like it. I don’t think anyone needs it and I am all for loving your complete, natural self. I quit makeup a few months ago and have seen a variety of benefits including more money in my pocket.

Daily Coffee/Soda habits

If It’s not coffee, It’s probably Diet Coke, or energy drinks or Mountain Dew. I’d recommend investing in a french press coffee maker if you are an avid coffee consumer or Starbucks connoisseur. If you have a tendency to stop by McDonalds every day for a Diet Coke, consider buying a 12-pack from the grocery store for just a couple dollars more. I bet you never would have thought that one up if I didn’t tell you, huh? (ha)

Eating out regularly

This is a pretty obvious one. I love eating out. When Corde and I were first married, we ate out constantly.  Looking back, I wish we would have saved money while we had the chance and were both working full-time but no use dwelling on past mistakes. (hehe) Now we avoid eating out in order to save money, but also because going out with kids can be a catastrophe sometimes. We try to save eating out for date nights.

Monthly retail therapy

For some people It’s even WEEKLY. I hope for your sake that your weight doesn’t fluctuate so often that you have to buy new clothes on a weekly or monthly basis. Why else would a person need to purchase clothes that often? I don’t think I would spend money on clothes that often even if I was rich, but that’s just me. I’m not style savvy like some of my friends. Also, I have nowhere to put my clothes! How do people store all of their clothes?

The latest and greatest technology

My husband and I are both extremely guilty of this. Although, I have come to realize that I (unfortunately) don’t “need” the newest iPhone. I also don’t “need” a new laptop- although I sure would like one. And don’t get me started with the Apple Watches. Really Apple? REALLY? I feel like everyone around me has an Apple Watch and to me it’s the most ridiculous thing. “





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