Seattle Street Food Fest at South Lake Union

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When I heard about Seattle’s upcoming food festival, I was oddly eager to go. I told my husband and family about it and they didn’t seem so pumped. Luckily, the festival turned out to be one day before my sister had an eye appointment in Seattle. It must have been destiny.

I was desperate for a mini vacation because motherhood has got me frazzled, so the fact that our husbands were less thrilled to come along with us worked out in our favor. We left our 3-year-olds with the men and set out on an adventure.

I, being the ditz that I am, didn’t think to bring a stroller for Wallace, so having to carry a baby around all day put a small damper on the whole experience. I brought a sling to carry him in but Wally was not happy about it. Thank goodness Steph is so willing to help with the baby holding.


Stephanie and I arrived at South Lake Union at about 1pm and stayed for roughly 3 hours before making our way to Pike Place Market to grab some flowers for a friend. The variety of food presented at the festival was overwhelming, but nevertheless enjoyable. It was a great experience. I wish I couldn’t had a taste of everything, but there were hundreds of options to choose from.

After walking around for a solid 2 hours, Steph and I finally settled for fried catfish and a nanacocatella fried sandwich from Po’boy Sandwiches. It wasn’t my first choice, but all of the healthier food had massive lines and we didn’t want to wait. In the end I was happy with my choice; coconut, banana, and Nutella smushed together between two slices of bread and fried to perfection. I also got my hands on a lavender soda which was fantastic.


Based on the never-ending line, Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade appeared to be the most popular stand. Another popular food truck was the Tornado Potato. The food looked delicious and visually pleasing.



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