Wallace Wears Oaks and Honey

I couldn’t not share these photos with you guys! Wallace is almost 5 months old. He is a joy and I am HOOKED on his cuteness. He has beautiful, soft baby hair and a melt-worthy smile. He is not as easy-going as my little Rusty was. Wallace wants to be held basically always. It makes being productive incredibly difficult, but I’m figuring it out.

It’s amazing to think back to Wallace’s birth and the changes that have taken place since he was a newborn. It wasn’t that long ago and yet, so much has transformed.

Wallace loves baths, his big brother, snuggling with mom, apple sauce, taking naps, playing with his toes and sticking his tongue out at people.

This handsome little attire is from a wonderful clothing site called Oaksandhoney, which I’d definitely recommend.

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