Decorating with Parabo Press

My computer is over-flowing with photos that I adore. I am a mother of two extremely adorable little humans who’s faces are screaming “Photograph me!” and I am much obliged to do so.

I was thrilled when Parabo Press wanted to partner with me because I have been dying to decorate our tiny basement “apartment” with photos.

One of my favorite things about Parabo Press is that you can pick your square photos directly from Instagram or Facebook instead of having to rummage through the files on your computer. If you’d like 25 4″ square prints for FREE, click here.

If you have an Android or iPhone, I would definitely recommend downloading the Parabo Press App which will make the process of ordering your prints even easier.

My prints came wonderfully packaged in the cutest little box and safely secured in a waterproof bag, plus plastic. I was very impressed.

Along with my square prints, I also ordered a massive engineer print of Corde and I on our wedding day. I realized while I was ordering it that I only printed ONE photo from our wedding day prior to this one. How sad is that? Don’t make the same mistake I did. Do yourselves a favor and put your wedding photos to good use by ordering prints. If you’d like to get a huge engineer print like mine, use code “her25” for 25% off.

There are a variety of excellent print options available so that your photos will fit the style of wherever you’re putting them, as well as display options to hang your prints.

This is definitely something Corde and I will keep for many years to come. I plan to frame it in the future, as soon as I’m not on a tight budget. In the meantime, I used a few tacks to hold it up which works and looks fine for now.

Parabo Press featuring Wally:


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